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Tried bee venom ? Give your skin the royal treatment 

One of the more surprising spin offs of Kate Middleton’s rise to fame is the new popularity of bee venom as a beauty treatment.

According to Vanity Fair:

“The treatment—which is described as a natural alternative to Botox—was recommended to her by Camilla soon after her engagement, and Kate has been a convert ever since.”

The bee venom fools the skin into thinking it has been lightly stung. The result is firmer facial muscles and a gentle lift. It is said to work excellently on frown lines and wrinkles and also encourages an increase in collagen and elastin resulting in smoother, tighter feeling skin.

Bee Venom, an active ingredient which works to smooth and plump the skin by increasing blood circulation, and the movement of nutrients between the levels of the skin, helping to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Bee Venom is exclusively made from New Zealand. .. natural organic ingredients!

YES, .. without doubt! Bee venom’s been getting major buzz in the beauty world for its purported abilities to make an effect on female skin similar to Botox injections, tightening the skin and making wrinkles and other signs of aging appear less pronounced than before. You may even have read articles regarding the Duchess of Cornwell and Kate Middleton, plus clebs like Gwenwyth Paltron and Danni Minogue, expounding the miracles of Bee Venom Cream and the amazing Anti Aging results!

Dont be! Before trying this out, I was a tad skeptical about using this products! Despite that, i tried nevertheless. GUESS What? It shows a huge diff, im loving it even more everyday!  BEE VENOM is definitely a miracle in a jar! I suggest for everyone to really but this products & see the changes it'll bring!

What Could Bee Venom Do For You? 
Smooth and plump the skin by increasing blood circulation. ..Increase the movement of nutrients between levels of the skin. ..Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. ..Improve skin texture and vitality

Is Bee Venom Nature's Botox?

Kate Middleton isn't the only royal creating a buzz with her beauty habits.This “organic face lift” claims to smooth out wrinkles by tricking the skin to produce more collagen and elastin.

Dr. Graf says melittin, the active compound in bee venom, does have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and can boost the immune system. Since the venom is anaphylactic, it temporarily relaxes the facial muscles, breaking down cell membranes and improving circulation—all of which can theoretically contribute to a tighter complexion.

But are the results comparable to Botox? “Everybody wants to be the next Botox,” says Dr. Graf, “but there haven’t been enough clinical trials to judge the effect of the venom.” With repeated use, it could cause you to develop a severe allergy—or even damage essential cell membranes (bee venom is also used to destroy malignant tumors—yikes!) We’re not entirely sold on spreading any insect by-products on our face, but we will say that Camilla looks pretty fabulous at 64. Dr. Graf agrees: “Whatever she’s doing, I say you keep it up, girl.”

Bee Venom Intensive Anti-Aging Moisturising Cream is a multifunctional cosmetic which kickstarts the body’s own production of Collagen and Elastin – the key factors to restoring younger, healthier, skin by decreasing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It works in harmony with the body’s systems and is non-invasive or painful like surgery, skin peels, or injections.

Alpha Lipid Bee Venom Intensive Moisturising Cream is the only skin care product containing New Zealand’s Alpha Lipid Colostrum which provides TGF (Transforming Growth Factors) to promote skin cell repair and renewal.

Key active ingredients:

Bee Venom
Natural exotic oils such as jojoba, almond, macadamia seed
Manuka Honey
Evening Primrose
Shea Butte

I’ll be honest with you. Before trying this out, I was a tad skeptical about using a product that contains bee venom. I thought; hey…won’t it sting? Will it have any side effects? But despite of my initial reluctance to try this product, I tried nevertheless.

So if you are looking for an anti ageing cream that actually works and have that botox effect, you might want to go for this! One jar is for 2 to 3 months usage

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